What I do

I work with self-aware women connect with their truest, most powerful self. Often, when debilitating feelings of stress, self-doubt and shadows of traumas set in we disconnect from our bodies and get lost in a sea of thoughts and emotions. I will work with you to harness the power of many modalities to help heal past emotional wounds. We will dive deeper to develop personalized routines & strategies that support you staying grounded, and true to yourself, during times of stress.

Yoga Classes

Connect with and honour your unique body, spirit and soul through nurturing and playful classes.

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Transparent sharing about love, life and emotional landscapes. Real talk served with zesty humour and gratitude.

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Celebrate the light and dark of life through various playful workshops that explore movement, creativity and connection.

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About Lauren

I was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia. I am a mother, partner, creative soul, student & teacher of Yoga, Make Up Artist, spiritual Seeker and lover of Silver Linings.

I love books, podcasts, plants, historical dramas, dancing, cheese and chi lattes.

My journey out of an conservative religious closed-community and into living a full and bold life has given me a unique perspective on trauma, love and discovering self worth. I found that decoding my emotional responses unlocked a self awareness that gave me power over my reactions and choices. I began to understand and love myself in new ways. Meanwhile, I began to shape a satisfying life surrounded by people who support and love me unconditionally. True joy and power lies within knowing yourself and letting yourself be fully known to your tribe. I am now using that strength in the work on helping women connect to their own potential.

About More

Yoga Classes

Whether is in a larger studio, small clinic or your own private space, our yoga practise will be personal, comfortable and nourishing.

Intuitive Yoga Sessions

I am honoured to work with the Practitioners at WestPro Physiotherapy. Together with the direction of your physiotherapist we can create a yoga sequence that will contribute to your body’s healing practise. Additionally, the integral use of breath in yoga helps activates your parasympathetic nervous system. This will improve your overall mental and physical health as well as reducing the affects of the stresses resulting from injury.

Private and Small Group Yoga

Enjoy healing, connectivity and a few giggles with your tribe, team members or community group. These tailored classes can be held in the comfort of your own space, various studios in the TriCities or in the splendour of Mama Nature. Reach out to see what magic we can make happen for your group.

When you get to a place where you understand that love and belonging, your worthiness, is a birthright and not something you have to earn, anything is possible.

Brene Brown