What I do

Are you so busy and tired that it is hard to imagine creating a career or life you LOVE?  Maybe you know you meal planning, exercising, taking time to unwind or traveling more would help you feel better, but you never seem to find the time or money.

I work with clients who need help realizing and reclaiming their self-worth. Stress, self-doubt, societal norms and traumas force us into ruts and routines.  Only through self-prioritization can women heal themselves, stand in their own unique value and reclaim their power AND their lives.

Work with me to harness the power of yoga, meditation, essential oils, herbs, crystals, massage and mentorship.  

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Yoga Classes

Connect with and honour your unique body, spirit and soul through nurturing and gentle classes.

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Coaching & Healing

Take bold steps toward becoming the whole strong woman you want to be.

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Celebrate the light and dark of life through various playful workshops that explore movement, creativity and connection.

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About Lauren

I was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia. I am a mother, partner, creative soul, student & teacher of Yoga, Make Up Artist, spiritual Seeker and lover of Silver Linings.

I love books, podcasts, plants, historical dramas, dancing, cheese and chi lattes.

My journey out of an conservative religious closed-community and into living a full and bold life has given me a unique perspective on trauma, love and discovering self worth. I found that decoding my emotional responses unlocked a self awareness that gave me power over my reactions and choices. I began to understand and love myself in new ways. Meanwhile, I began to shape a satisfying life surrounded by people who support and love me unconditionally. True joy and power lies within knowing yourself and letting yourself be fully known to your tribe. I am now using that strength in the work on helping women connect to their own potential.

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