What I offer

In addition to group yoga classes at studios, I offer private coaching and healing work for female identifying people.  I will work with you to identify goals and develop personalized tools.  We will call upon the healing power of yoga, essential oils, massage, crystals, reiki, safe sisterhood and of course a little laughter.

~We will develop personalized routines & strategies that support you staying grounded, and true to yourself during times of stress.  

~We will work to release pains that are holding you back.  

~We will charge up your soul and make you ready to claim the vibrant luscious life you deserve.

If you’re tired of being tired, worn out and unfulfilled book your complimentary Soul Revival call.

I love to offer in person support, but powerful live online sessions are also available.

Why Witchy?

I’ve always quietly known there was a power in me, something that make me “special” but it felt like a fantasy. It seemed possible but I wasn’t currently experiencing it. When I read Witch by Lisa Lister I had a major awakening. Her words resonated clearly as truth. “A Witch is a woman fully in her power.” I knew on a deeper level who I was in this world and from that place of knowing could better hold space for my layered emotions, desires, strengths, health, menstrual cycles, dreams, curiosities and multi-faceted path of wtf-was-I-doing-with-my-life. I became connected to my role as Creatix and Healer. I felt a renewed bond to Mama Earth and the cyclical nature of life. This awakening served to heighten the learning and work I had been guided to do by the offerings of Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Glennon Doyle and Danielle LaPorte.

I emphatically recommend reading (also available on audio book) Witch by Lisa Lister. Here are just a couple fantastic exerts:

“Witch, a term that has previously been used it demonize, stigmatize and repress women, is now being reclaimed. Women across the globe are now actively using it to describe themselves.”

“Far from being about practising the dark arts, the modern Witch movement is all about female empowerment.”

“The witch is re-remembering (re-intergrating all the parts of herself that have been dismembered, to make herself whole again) and re-wilding.
The part of us that was once anaesthetized, domesticated and kept numb by food (or shopping, drugs and the media) is now awakening in each of us. And it’s our wholeness, our intuition, our magic and our power – the power that lies between our thighs- that will truly change the world.” -Lisa Lister, Witch

Why Yogini?

Yogini is the feminine conjugation of the term “Yogin” or “Yogi” which means a person who practises yoga.

In some contexts Yogini also refers to the sacred feminine power embodied by Parvati. Parvati is the Hindu mother goddess, Queen of fertility, love, devotion and divine strength and power.
One of my favourite yogic philosophies is that we are all little slices of the divine. Plants, people, animals, laughter, sunrises, delicious food are all little pieces of holy bliss. Yes! The term Yogini is another nod to this philosophy (truth) of inherent worthiness and inestimable value. Hell yes we are all Queens of our own bodies and our own power! So though I am not the most flexible yogi, nor the most experienced, I am most certainly a Yogini. And so are you. Or at least you will be once you step onto your mat, so go for it Newbie.

Yoga is so much more than just the asanas (poses). It is a journey into your own mind and soul through your body. Sometimes that journey is simply to a place of rest and recuperation. Sometimes it can be an internal struggle as you seek to reconcile opposing views within yourself. Other times the journey can be celebratory and full of gratitude and love. The beauty of it is that it can be whatever you need it to be each time you step onto your mat. My goal is just to create a space for the magic to happen and to guide you along your journey, offering support when needed. I’m a fellow traveller, and plan to be a life long one. Let’s book a ticket for two!