It’s just not our turn to bloom.

I took this photo on walk back to my car from Starbucks. It’s spring and the flowers are blooming. A couple of these blooms are bright and bold and just fucking going for it! They are beautiful. But right beside these red poppies are a few green bud balls. You could easily pass right by them. Inside is a rolled up flower is just as beautiful as its neighbour. It just has not begun to bloom yet. Not it’s time yet .

We can feel like the green boring bud ball. Everyone around us is blooming and we are left behind. That person just got engaged. That person just launched their podcast. That person’s cool career is taking off. That person is exercising as much as we would like to. That person is traveling to the places we want to go. That person is blooming and here I am, little green bud ball.

That big bold poppy can’t stay that way forever. It will naturally wilt. The bloom will die. The earth will rest and the cycle will begin again. This is natural, this is normal. It happens to all things. Some cycles are longer than others, but they are cyclical nonetheless. Maybe it feels like you’ve been sitting in green bud ball mode for a long time. This is not your time yet but that time will come. You will blossom and all those early bloomers will be the ones looking at you being like “I remember when I had disposable income”, “remember when I can stayed up late and went out”, “remember that time we travelled to Paris? they’re doing it now! and I was there.” They will be looking at you because WE ARE ALL cyclical. The early bloomers will be in a rest/recharge phase and you will be big and bold and shining so bright.

We need to give more space to our life cycles. Be less competitive with each other and celebrate when people are blooming and when it’s our turn for hibernation. There’s room for us all to shine, its just not likely to be at the same time.

The best part is that no matter where we are in our cycle it doesn’t make us any less beautiful. Just like that green but ball we have a big bold bloom already inside. We just need to water our roots.