“Lauren, aka the Witchy Yogini is a combination of soft comfort and fiery passion for what it is she shares with others. Lauren has a way of making each person she comes in contact with feel like they are the only person in the room with her and that they are her main focus. Her teachings are gentle in nature and she has an innate ability to hold space and allow individuals to have a uniquely personal experience while still feeling supported and nurtured.”

~ Nicole Whitman, Yoga Teacher

“I am so grateful to have met and had the pleasure of being present in one of Lauren’s yoga classes. She has such a beautiful presence, soothing voice, and a natural ability to read the room, which created an intuitive and enjoyable experience. Her classes are delivered with so much love and nurturing and just a touch of sass! Much gratitude.”

~ Sheri

“Lauren is a breathe of fresh air. She’s honest, witty, poetic, mystical and down to earth. This rare combination of characteristics comes together beautifully in her playful and inspiring yoga classes. In her class you will surely laugh, relax and surrender… check out Yoga with Lauren!”

~ Prestonne, Yoga Teacher